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Your Trusted Lighthouse Point Roofing Company

Welcome to Phoenix Roofing, your go-to experts for all roofing needs in Lighthouse Point, FL. With years of experience serving the community, we understand the unique challenges that South Florida’s climate presents. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to providing top-notch roofing solutions that ensure the safety and longevity of your home or business. Whether it’s a minor repair or a complete roof replacement, we are committed to delivering quality workmanship and exceptional customer service.

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Roofing Contractors Serving Lighthouse Point, FL

Phoenix Roofing takes pride in serving the Lighthouse Point community with comprehensive roofing services tailored to meet the specific needs of this coastal city. Nestled along the Intracoastal Waterway, Lighthouse Point is known for its picturesque views and beautiful homes. However, the city’s proximity to the ocean means that roofs here face unique challenges such as saltwater corrosion, high winds, and occasional hurricanes.

Our team is well-versed in addressing these challenges. We use only the highest quality materials designed to withstand the harshest conditions while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your property. From initial consultation to project completion, Phoenix Roofing ensures a seamless process that prioritizes your satisfaction and peace of mind.


What Our Clients Say About Our Work

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Angel KieferAngel Kiefer
16:24 23 Oct 23
I am very happy with doing business with this roofing contractor. I found them while looking for roofing services around Deerfield Beach, FL. I am glad I chose them to do my roofing. They did not only provide excellent service, but they exceeded my expectations.
Brett KimBrett Kim
18:26 22 Oct 23
We appreciate the great help of this fantastic roof contractor! Thanks to their dedication to providing excellent customer service experience, everything went smoothly, from the scheduling to the actual roof service.
Delmer SatterfieldDelmer Satterfield
17:16 20 Oct 23
I am very impressed with the service and quality of the work of this roofing contractor in Deerfield Beach, FL. I recommend the service, especially the skilled and professional team of roofers. They are all incredible and provide top-notch quality service!
Cynthia SchummCynthia Schumm
18:46 19 Oct 23
Working with Phoenix Roofing Group was excellent. I was kept informed, responses to my inquiries were timely, and the service price was competitive. They provided fantastic service and kept my property neat. Indeed, we hired the best roofing contractor!
Zachary CollinsZachary Collins
12:40 18 Oct 23
Impressive roof replacement work from this fantastic roof contractor! The professional crew did an excellent job. They came to the house to inspect the roof, gave an estimate, and were able to complete the entire work within the week.
Raymond SteereRaymond Steere
23:01 17 Oct 23
They did an excellent roofing service. Also, they informed us throughout the entire service, and we appreciate their professionalism! They worked very hard and got the job done quickly. They cleaned everything up and left no mess behind!
Tamara RuizTamara Ruiz
14:57 16 Oct 23
We recently moved here to Deerfield Beach, FL, and needed a roof contractor for some roof repairs. We found this amazing team who did a great job for us! Their work quality was exceptional, and they were easy and professional. The entire service went smoothly and efficiently!
Ian McClellanIan McClellan
14:28 11 Oct 23
I had a roof leak and called Phoenix Roofing. From the moment they answered until the time they finished the job I felt I was in good hands. They were very responsive and got the roof fixed right away. I would highly recommend this company and would definitely use them again.
Reginald FlowersReginald Flowers
18:06 30 Sep 23
They are also excellent at providing quality roofing services. We also had a great experience from beginning to end. They answered all our questions and offered us the best options for our roof. Our roof looks great, and they completed it in a day, even though it was a big project. They are the best roofing contractors we have ever encountered here in Deerfield Beach, FL.


Our Roofing Services

From preventative maintenance to emergency repairs, our goal is to keep your roof in optimal condition. We understand the importance of a well-maintained roof and are dedicated to providing services that ensure the longevity and performance of your roofing system. Our team of experienced professionals is equipped to handle any roofing project, big or small. We take pride in our attention to detail and commitment to excellence, ensuring that each project is completed to the highest standards. Explore our range of services below to learn more about how we can help you maintain a safe and durable roof.

roof replacement

Roof Replacement

When your roof reaches the end of its lifespan, Phoenix Roofing offers expert roof replacement services. We help you choose the best materials and designs to match your home’s style while ensuring maximum durability and protection.

roof repair

Roof Repair

Our roof repair services address all types of damage, from minor leaks to significant storm impacts. We quickly and efficiently restore your roof’s integrity, preventing further issues and ensuring long-lasting performance.

roof coating

Re-Roofing (Recovering)

Re-roofing provides a cost-effective way to renew your roof without a complete tear-off. Phoenix Roofing’s re-roofing services add a new layer of protection, extending the life of your existing roof and enhancing its appearance.

roof recovring

Coating & Sealing

Protect your roof from the elements with our coating and sealing services. Our high-quality coatings provide an additional layer of defense against UV rays, water, and other environmental factors, increasing your roof’s lifespan.

roof maintenance

Emergency Roof Repair

When unexpected damage occurs, our emergency roof repair services are here to help. Phoenix Roofing responds quickly to urgent issues, minimizing damage and restoring your roof’s protection as soon as possible.


Maintenance & Leaks

Regular maintenance is key to a long-lasting roof. Our maintenance services include thorough inspections and timely repairs, while our leak detection and repair services address issues before they become major problems.

Why Trust Phoenix Roofing With Your Home?

Choosing the right roofing contractor is crucial for the safety and longevity of your home. At Phoenix Roofing, we are dedicated to providing high-quality workmanship and exceptional customer service. Our team of experienced professionals uses the best materials and techniques to ensure that your roof meets the highest standards of durability and performance.

We understand the unique roofing needs of Lighthouse Point and tailor our services to meet these specific requirements. With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, we strive to exceed your expectations with every project.

Experienced Professionals

Our team has extensive experience in the roofing industry, providing expert service and advice.

High-Quality Materials

We use only the best materials to ensure long-lasting durability and protection.

Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we work diligently to exceed your expectations.

Local Expertise

We understand the unique challenges of roofing in Lighthouse Point and provide tailored solutions.

Proudly Serving Lighthouse Point & Broward County

Phoenix Roofing is honored to serve the residents of Lighthouse Point and the greater Broward County area. Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction has earned us a reputation as one of the top roofing contractors in South Florida. We understand the unique challenges that come with roofing in a coastal environment and are committed to providing solutions that withstand these conditions.

From high humidity and heavy rains to hurricane-force winds, our roofs are built to handle it all. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your roof remains in excellent condition, providing peace of mind and protecting your investment. Trust Phoenix Roofing for all your roofing needs in Lighthouse Point and beyond.

About Lighthouse Point, Florida

Lighthouse Point is a charming coastal city known for its beautiful homes and scenic waterways. The housing market in Lighthouse Point is diverse, with a mix of single-family homes, condos, and townhouses. This variety means that roofing needs can vary significantly, and Phoenix Roofing is equipped to handle them all.

The weather in Lighthouse Point is typically warm and humid, with frequent rain showers and occasional storms. This climate can be tough on roofs, making regular maintenance and quality materials essential. Phoenix Roofing understands these challenges and provides solutions designed to withstand the local weather conditions.

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If you’re in need of roofing services in Lighthouse Point, don’t hesitate to contact Phoenix Roofing for a free estimate. Our team is ready to assess your needs and provide a detailed, no-obligation quote for your project.

Top-Rated Shingle, Tile, and Metal Roof Systems

At Phoenix Roofing, we offer a variety of roofing systems to suit your needs and preferences. Our top-rated shingle, tile, and metal roofs are designed to provide superior protection and enhance the curb appeal of your property. We work with you to choose the best roofing system for your home or business, ensuring long-lasting durability and aesthetic appeal.

Shingle roofs are a popular choice for their affordability and versatility. Tile roofs offer a classic, elegant look and are incredibly durable. Metal roofs are known for their longevity and energy efficiency. Whatever your preference, Phoenix Roofing has the expertise to install and maintain your roof to the highest standards.

Residential and Commercial Roofing Contractors in South Florida

Phoenix Roofing is a trusted name in both residential and commercial roofing throughout South Florida. Whether you own a home or a business, our team has the expertise and experience to handle any roofing project. We understand that a strong, durable roof is crucial to protecting your property and ensuring its longevity.

Our comprehensive services are designed to meet the unique needs of each client, providing tailored solutions that deliver exceptional results. Trust Phoenix Roofing for all your residential and commercial roofing needs in South Florida.

The Benefits of A New Roof

Investing in a new roof offers numerous benefits that extend beyond just improved aesthetics. A new roof can provide better protection, enhance energy efficiency, and increase the overall value of your property.

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Don’t wait until a small problem becomes a major issue. Contact Phoenix Roofing today for a free inspection. Our team is ready to assess the condition of your roof and provide expert recommendations to keep it in top shape.